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Techniques in Skiing

Skiing has two techniques namely the modern and the traditional technique. The latter is the use of up and down unweighting to start a turn thus putting an emphasis on steering, and tips are pressured and steered into the turn. This is also known as the “elegant, feet-together style.” It also focuses on the big-toe edge skiing and weighted ski steering, one the other hand, the former is more about the 4-edge skiing and tipping

To be able to comprehend the skills and techniques in surfing, one must be familiar with the terms that are commonly used. Like the extension or/and retraction refers to the lengthening and shortening of the legs at particular stages of the turn – till will help the skier to stabilized the upper body and keep it centered and quiet. This is the very basic of skiing yet oftentimes it is being taken for granted. In the absence of this fundamental skill it will be really tough and challenging to skin on the e-r renders carving, steeps and deep snow. Once the skier is knowledgeable and familiar with these basics – then he can be considered a genuine expert skiing. So, before advancing into more complicated techniques and skills you should be able to master the vital skills first.

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